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Roof window blinds

If you haven’t yet got one, I can thoroughly recommend any of the new generation of roof window blinds. As with the roof windows themselves, Velux and other third party manufacturer’s have constantly improved their products to make them not only easy to use and prettier to look at, but very easy to install yourself.

Fit Velux window blinds

Fitting velux blinds iconHow to fit a Velux blind This short video shows you all the steps from start to finish on how to install Velux blind. From opening the box to completion can be done in under 5 minutes with practice, fitting skylight blinds has never been easier.


How do I fit a Roof window blind other than Velux?

To see video instructions on how to install skylight blinds for other window brands click the links below. ( opens in new window )

Which window blind do I need

When choosing to fit roof window blinds, have an Idea of what you want to achieve, some blinds are simply to stop sun glare or add colour like roller blinds, others like a pleated or Venetian may add a design element or soften lighting conditions. Here are some of the roller blinds available, and you can see what’s available to buy online here.

Velux roller blind blindsRoller blinds – The traditional roller blind in a nice neat package, offers basic privacy but still allows diffused light to enter. Available in many colours and patterns.



Velux blackout blindBlackout – The blackout blind as you would expect gives you total darkness, ideal for bedrooms and built with a reflective aluminium coating on the outside surface that gives extra insulation in the winter and keeps you cool in the summer.


Velux Designer blackout blindDesigner blackout – Exactly the same as above but prettier to look at because of the designer patterns.



Velux DuoBalckout blind aDuo blackout – Two blinds in one, offers the function of a blackout blind but the option of some adjustable pleating to defuse strong daylight as you wish.



Velux pleated blind blindsPleated blinds – Neither fixed at either the top or the bottom, which makes them very adjustable for creating a colourful lighting effect, complementing interior design or furnishings.



Velux venetian blind blindsVenetian blind – A traditional venetian blind, good control over all incoming light and privacy, also Ideal for high humidity areas such as the bathroom or kitchen.



Velux insect screenInternal Insect screen – Stops flies and other insects from entering even when the window is open. The fine mesh allows you to see outside and allows daylight and air to enter. Can be used as well as all types of other blinds.


Velux insulation energy thermal blindEnergy blinds – Thermally Insulating and energy efficient pleated blinds, combines aluminium powder coatings and a honey comb design for maximum insulation. Will allow dim light in to capture heat during the winter months.


Velux external awning blindExternal Awning blind – An external solution to excessive heat from the sun, not fitted so much in the UK due to the rickets inducing lack of natural sunlight. Can stop up to 90% of heat entering in climates where this is a problem.


velux electric blindsElectric window blinds – If you have a Velux roof window that is awkward to get to, hard to reach or high up, you can add an electrically operated system for an awnings, shutter or roller blinds, and these can be ordered from Velux themselves here Velux accessoriesThey can be fitted to new windows or retrofitted to older roof windows at a later stage.


Identifying your roof window

Before buying a roof window blind you will need the window code, this is located on an identification plate on the top edge of the window when the window is in the open position. You will also need this window identification number if you are looking for replacement roof blinds.

Velux window identification plateVelux window identification codes – All roof windows will have and identification plate, on a Velux and most others this is located on the top edge of the roof window. On other older makes check the sides and bottom of the window itself and the window surround.

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Examples of common window sizes…

Sizes are for the full external window frame not internal measurements, and are used for new, or a replacement Velux blind.

  • Window size 55 x 78 code 102 or CO2
  • Window size 55 x 98 code 104 or 6 or CO4
  • Window size 78 x 98 code 304 or 1 or MO4
  • Window size 66 x 118 code 206 or 5 or FO6
  • Window size 78 x 118 code 306 or 14 or MO6
  • Window size 78 x 140 code 308 or 2 or MO8
  • Window size 138 x 98 code 804 or 7 or UO4
  • Window size 114 x 118 code 606 or 4 or SO6
  • Window size 98 x 160 code 410 or 3 or P10
  • Window size  134 x 140 code 808 or 8 or UO8

Where to buy roof window blinds direct

Below are some direct links to the manufacturer of the roof windows themselves, or dedicated roof window blind suppliers that are often cheaper than the window manufacturers…

Some roof window manufacturer’s do not have dedicated window blind shops or recommended outlets, but you will find they are catered for with a simple search as long as you have your roof window dimensions to hand.

Third party window blind sellers and manufacturers

Very good quality blinds are also available from the many online shops, large high street retail chains, and also in Google or other search engines. Sometimes these are re-sellers of official window company’s products, or they have manufactured their own unit.

I can’t find a window blind for my roof window, can I fit another make ?

The answer a lot of the time is yes, get your window code as shown above and find out the size of your roof window. If it conforms to any of the standard window sizes that can be found on this page Old Velux window codes you may in with a very good chance. You can often ask most good window blind companies for their advice also.

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